Blood Pressure Monitoring

How to measure your blood pressure: Avoid smoking, drinking caffeine and exercising for 30 minutes before taking a reading. Do not wear tight or restrictive clothing around the arm. Do rest for around five minutes before measuring your blood pressure. Taking your reading: Place the cuff on your arm, with the bottom of the cuff approximately 2cm above the bend in your elbow. Always measure your blood pressure in the same arm. Make sure that you are sitting down and have both feet flat on the floor. Do not cross your legs. Support your arm on a firm surface with your palm facing up. Do not talk and try to relax. Take two readings at least 1 minute apart. If the first two readings are very different, take 2 or 3 further readings. Keep a record of your readings then enter them here.

Last Updated: 24/08/2020

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Blood Pressure Reading